Being Alpha | Becoming a Millionaire

The first thing most people say or think when I say I want to be a millionaire is, “there is more to life than money!” While I agree, the thing that everyone works 40+ hours a week for is money. So if it isn’t so important to creating your happiness why invest so much time into generating it yourself? This is my question to all the naysayers/money-haters. Money is a valuable form of trade that can be stored or given for goods and services provided by others. Those who do not have it, say you don’t need it, and envy those who have it. Those who have it, say that it is needed, and sometimes envy those who live with the bare essentials. Truly it is all a matter of perspective, what do you find the most happiness from? Is it traveling, owning nice things, family, etc. Whether you want to stay home with the kids and watch Nickelodeon or you want to drive a Formula 1 car in Monaco. You still need money to create your DREAM.

So although money isn’t everything, it is very nice resource to get what is needed and a little bit more. Plus the number one thing people stress over is money. Imagine a life where your only stress is what fruit to have with your morning breakfast, or what country you want to visit next. That is what I call living life to the fullest!

With this outlook on life I believe there are certain topics that only the elite are well versed in. The topics discussed will include the things I believe are important to becoming a millionaire or even billionaire. The topics consist of health, travel, and Personal development.

Health, my good friend Alex Costa, will make posts from time to time on the site about his journey as a bodybuilder. He will post supplement reviews, fitness plans, videos, etc. All things that have to do with health, wellness, and overall fitness Alex will cover. Myself and others will also provide other posts about tips and tricks used to stay active and fit while on the go.

Travel, a variety of contributors will make posts here as we journey across the nation/globe. For starters I personally will make my first journey to Phuket, Thailand the beginning of next month as well as Costa Rica in February. While Alex Costa will make a journey to Europe later this year. So with our travel along with other contributors we will make reviews, travel destination updates, and videos about our adventures.

Growth, will be a section dedicated to personal development and becoming the best form of ourselves, Alpha! As myself and other contributors continue to educate ourselves through podcasts, books, and mentors. We will share this journey and what resources are used along the way to making our first million!