Seeing Addam Live!!! | Dylan Brodigan

My First Vlog!

Last week I ordered my first DSLR and I got the Canon Rebel SL2 w/ a Rode mic and a tripod. All of this was in the hopes of creating a great video for my time in Thailand! In this video I make my first attempt at vlogging. Nick and I go to Panda Express after I almost die from my immunization shots. Then we go see our friend Addam Chavarria play @slicksdivebar. Then to round out the video Nick and I make the trek to Walmart to get some sweets!

Make sure to check out my second vlog, Would You Lick It? Give both the videos a like and subscribe. If you would like to see more videos add my snapchat @itsdillybar and make sure to go follow my Instagram @Live_Like_Dylan.

*Queue the outro music*

Author: dylanbrodigan

Young entrepreneur on a journey to making his first million while documenting it along the way.

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