My Thoughts On Being Young

The other day I was thinking about some of my high school experiences and it dawned on me the reason why I believe I was not as happy then, or even three years ago. To add some context let me share a few stories with you from back in 2009-2013 and how my mindset has changed since then. I really want people to understand me and I would love to gain perspective from new people so it’s important I tell these stories.

As a freshman in 2009, I’d say I was still very naive but because I had friends from sports and a brother who was a junior then that was well connected, I was happy and had a good head on my shoulders! I remember having so many opportunities in front of me, many that I seized but looking back I had many I didn’t even realize! I am lucky to have had the guidance and protection of my older brother but I think of how things may have went if my last name wasn’t already well known.

In 2011, my junior year, I began to really stand out in football and started gaining popularity amongst my peers, however this was my least favorite year of high school. Some things happened that year that don’t need to be talked about now but had a REAL impact on my state of mind… everything that was going on made me feel like a failure and now I know why.

After graduating, in spring of 2014, I made a decision that changed the way I looked at everything. My parents and I had not always had the best relationship so being that I was 19 years old, you can imagine there was some friction regarding house rules. This is the time that I moved out of my parents house for good. What I realized during the move and ever since is what I really want to dive in to and that is… I HAVE ONLY LIVED 20% OF MY LIFE!

I see and hear a lot of people, friends and family, co workers and the like who are frustrated with something because they aren’t making progress. I get it it though, I feel the same way at times but what I do that I would love to see more people do is instantly realize, when I’m having those thoughts, that I’m only 22. You are only 23, he is only 34, she’s only 56. The point is that if you’re worried about something because you aren’t seeing massive results with it, you have to realize that for a 65 year old man in the United States today the average life expectancy is 84 years old… for women who are 65 today, the average is 87. What you can control is the attitude you have in the present, so what you could do is feel overly optimistic about something you want to happen a long time (YEARS) from now.

To wrap this up I want to say that most of what I talk about are things I try to deploy more and more every single day! The part about instantly dismissing impatience by realizing that YOUTH is the ultimate advantage is the best thing that helps me with that. I also have a very clear vision of what I want to be doing, not career wise but more so how I will be influential, in 15 years. Those two things, I believe, help me drive out fear and doubt which allows me to live a more simple and happy life while continuing to work towards the long term goals.

Hopefully this was some good food for thought.

Until next time,


Author: drewterry

I am a 22 year old college student, originally from Boise, Idaho and I am currently in my junior year studying Social Work. I've always had a knack for helping people in whatever capacity that may be but I am really passionate about sports, fitness, and business. I love having unique conversations with people who are my age and like-minded but with that being said my most favorite thing to talk about is MINDSET. I believe the more perspectives a person can gather on different topics ranging from mental health to overall success, the better. This is my first time blogging and I am excited to begin my journey. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. So true! You have to live it up before it’s over! While your young seize all opportunities and don’t turn back! You can only level up by expanding your comfort zone and pushing away the fear! Love it bro!


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