Who is Alex Costa?

Hi everyone!

Alex here. This is my first post for this website and I’m excited to share some of my knowledge/experiences with anyone who’s reading!

A little about me… I’m 24 years old, 6’3”, and married with a baby on the way. I’m from Nampa, Idaho and I’ve been working out for about the last 6 years, with a little more than half of that being consistent and structured. I was a personal trainer for a while, but quickly learned that it’s difficult to support a family when you don’t have a strong client base. Shortly after I stopped personal training, I got a job in Property Management. I’ve now been doing that for 3+ years and love it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love helping people change their bodies/minds for the better, I’m just not doing it as a career.

Fitness is my passion, and i’m In the gym 6 days a week, focusing mostly on weight lifting/strength training with occasional cardio thrown in. I just recently competed in my second men’s physique bodybuilding competition, taking 5th place in both shows. While it wasn’t the greatest placing, the experience was amazing(I’ll dive into this more in a future post.)

95% of my posts will be about fitness of some sort. I plan on posting product reviews, healthy recipes, killer workouts, and overall fitness information.

I wanted to keep this short and sweet, so thanks for reading and make sure to hit the follow button on the website to get notified when new posts are made!


-Alex Costa

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