Going International | Thailand

To travel overseas to an international destination is a DREAM for most. A dream that is believed to be just that, a dream. It is my belief that majority of people think it is too expensive or not feasible for them to drop everything and leave the country for a week long trip. This misconception is laughable with the cost and timing of my upcoming trip to Phuket, Thailand. The US dollar is strong and is the equivalent of 32 Baht to 1 USD. This makes everything very inexpensive and very doable on a budget. Plus our timing is in between two major breaks in school for most. As for those with 9-5 careers, I recommend you pick up a copy of The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Within this book he makes the concept of working 4 hours a week become a reality. We will review this later in the Growth page!

To break this down I am going to give you the exact cost of what I have spent pre trip to Thailand. From what I know Thailand is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Visited year round as the go to spot for nightlife, tropical views, and overall beautiful islands. The costs are just as beautiful as the destination. With booking our flights three weeks before we found tickets for just $550 round trip. The trick is finding an airport that already services international flights. If you book through a smaller airport that is just going to re-route you to a connecting flight at a hub anyway save yourself the money and drive.

My good friend and I both live in Boise, ID and looked at flights from Seattle, Los Angeles, Boise, and a few others before settling on LAX. The cost was about $500 cheaper and was only going to cost us some time to drive there. So now that we have the tickets we started looking at hotels, and activities. The plan is to travel smart and cheap. No reason to break the bank if we don’t have to. However, we are not going to sleep on the streets. You can find hostels for $15/night that are the equivalent of 3 star hotels. The high end 5 star hotels on the beach only cost a whopping $125-250/night. I spent that at a 4 star hotel in San Diego for a couple nights. Overall the cost of living is cheap and makes it amazing for traveling.

Because the US dollar is worth so much everything is mega cheap to the average American. According to some studies I read the other day you can retire in Thailand with $2-3k in monthly income. You can eat full meals for only $5 and even rent a scooter for $5/week. My friends that have been even say that refueling your scooter will cost you about $1. Nonetheless, I am beyond excited for my first trip!

Author: dylanbrodigan

Young entrepreneur on a journey to making his first million while documenting it along the way.

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